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Hygienic Treatment Practices

Hygienic treatment environment and practices are very important when it comes to maintaining patient care standards. As per one survey dental clinics are generating more than half kilogram bio-medical waste everyday which can be very infectious.

Strict infection control and proper sterilization are vital for providing hygienic treatment practices.

Infection Control

We are aware of the hazards of cross contamination in the dental clinic and take all possible precautions for your safety as well as our.

Infection Control using Autoclave Wrap

All possible materials are disposed, including gloves, glasses, suction tips etc.

All precautions are taken, where AIDS and Hepatitis are concerned.

Sterilization Safety

With a number of infectious diseases cropping up and (dreaded AIDS) on a rise, we understand the need for strict infection control and sterilization. Our practice takes stringent measures to minimize the risk of infection. Complete sterilization cannot be achieved by simply boiling instruments in water.

At Dental Designs, we achieve foolproof sterilization of all instruments by putting them through two stages of sterilization. In the first stage, the instruments are cleaned using Ultrasonic instruments, chemi-claved or cold sterilized with anti-bacterial, fungal, viral and surface disinfectants.

In the second stage the instruments are autoclaved. That is, the instruments are subjected to steam treatment at a pressure of 20 PSI at 130 degree Celsius for at least 15 minutes. Before autoclaving, sterilization authentication strips are placed in the autoclave along with the instruments. These strips change colour only when complete sterilization is achieved. We keep these strips as a record after the autoclaving process is over and the patient has a right to ask for and check them for proof of complete sterilization.

A set of sterilized instruments for each patient

Treatment at Dental Designs is by prior appointment only. This ensures that each patient has a completely sterilized set of instruments ready for him.

Use of disposables

Following standard international procedures for infection control, single-use disposables are used wherever possible; for example hand gloves for surgeons and assistants, suction tips, injection needles, etc. In addition, we use single use disposable wrappers to cover all areas where the doctor is likely to come into contact with. For e.g. dental tray handles, 3-way syringes, etc.

After each sitting, surface disinfectants are used to disinfect all possible areas of contamination. In short, we consciously keep the whole dental environment in a state of continuous asepsis.

Radiation Safety

Latest digital radiographic machine and RVG system from satelec is used in the clinic, by this we can reduce the amount of radiation to almost 1/4th for diagnostic x-rays. X-ray units have been under the scrutiny of both infection control as well as Radiation Hazards. Dental clinic and centre take utmost care to protect you both from radiation hazards as well as follow strict asepsis procedure. A sterile disposable plastic packet is used for each X-Ray examination. These measures are carried out rigorously and consistently and demonstrate our commitment to your safety. Your safety and protection is our motto.
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